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About Us.

We are a family business dedicated to satisfying your palate with the best delicacies on the market.

Our Resto.

Serving best steaks and BBQs since 1984

We are from North Carolina and we bring a little bit of our land to this great territory so that you can taste the best meat in the world in the Dominican Republic.

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We bring our land to your mouth with our gastronomy.

A land where gastronomy is part of its essence, we allow you to taste a bit of our tenderness in each of our food.

A Few Words About Us

Serving the best BBQ in the Caribbean

None of our meals are ordinary, only the flavor transports you to another moment, good cooking on the grill, with a good sauce is like being in heaven.

Simply our kitchen is like making love, do it slowly, calmly and just enjoy its great taste.

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Our Food Policy

We comply with all health standards so that you can take advantage of the best product in the Caribbean.

Our Core Values

Our most important values are our service, our motto is: He who does not serve to serve does not serve to live.

Renowned Chefs

Meet The Taste Experts

Each of them are an essential part to have a quality service.

Punta Cana Cook Out

Jerry Harden

Administrative Manager

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Milton Salas

Lead Chef

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Punta Cana Cook Out

Juan Yambastis Jean


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Ramon 1

Ramon Marte

Breakfast Chef

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Our team


Be a Part of Our Restaurant

We offer you the opportunity to grow with us and have a career in restaurant service. Apply Today

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